Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions Program Details

Empowering    Tomorrow’s     Champions

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i9 Sports and DOSH Management partnered together to form Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions, a program designed to empower our youth to become champions both on and off the field. The program follows four stages: DREAM, BELIEVE, EXPLORE,  and ACHIEVE.

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DREAM Stage (Ages 4-6)                                              
• Star 1: Core Values
o Defining what a core value is
o Identifying your core values

• Star 2: Goal Setting
o Possibilities Game
o Dream Inventory

• Star 3: Communication / Seek to understand
o Be a better listener
o Communication tips and tools

• Star 4: Win-Win
o Emotional Piggy Banks
o Power of Gratitude

• Star 5: Public Speaking
o Basic speaking skills


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EXPLORE Stage (Ages 7-8)
• Star 1: Take Action
o Someday starts today
o The art of decision making

• Star 2: Empowerment
o Teamwork & collaboration
o The human knot

• Star 3: Communication / Seek to understand
o Challenge the status quo
o Identifying assumptions

• Star 4: Goal Setting
o S.M.A.R.T. Goals
o Develop your road map

• Star 5: Public Speaking
o Comprehension and Dialogue


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BELIEVE Stage (Ages 9-11)
• Star 1: Prioritize
o Time management
o Effective organization

• Star 2: Grow
o Stretch your comfort zone
o Face your fears

• Star 3: Empowerment
o How to give effective feedback
o Leading from the head vs. heart

• Star 4: Win-Win
o Best decision vs. compromise
o Win-Win decision making

• Star 5: Public Speaking
o Effective speech writing


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ACHIEVE Stage (Ages 12-14)

• Star 1: Core Values
o Core values and decision making
o Let your core values be your guide

• Star 2: Take Action
o Identifying and removing obstacles
o Reflecting and expressive writing

• Star 3: Grow
o Having real conversations
o Enhance your learning

• Star 4: Self Esteem
o Emotional Intelligence
o Positive self-talk

• Star 5: Public Speaking
o Persuasive Speaking