Opening up communication opens up possibilities

Is something not being said? An issue not being addressed? Are employee frustrations not being vocalized?  It’s time to open up the lines of communication and keep them open.

Get the ball rolling. Start the conversation. A simple chat can easily turn into a productive discussion. The power of verbal communication is understated, but effective. Share your concerns, your ideas, your ambitions and frustrations; others will be inclined to do so as well.

Keep it rolling. Maintaining open communication goes beyond talking about it. Keep the conversation going and validate their thoughts and concerns by creating goals from your conversations.  Be sure to address potential causes of the issue and effects it could have on the company as a whole. Sharing information allows everyone to make informed decisions.

Open it up. Don’t be afraid to bring up these new goals in group meetings. Open up the conversation to get more feedback and more value from the new initiatives. Getting the bigger picture on an issue will allow everyone to make meaningful contributions to the discussion.

Shoot and score! When you open up the lines of communication, everyone wins.

  • Striking a line of clarity leads to mutual trust between employee and supervisor.
  • Your employees are empowered with their self- created initiatives that will motivate them to think more critically about their work and position in the company.
  • The company benefits from employee achievement and engaged employees.

Employees feel more valued when they know they have a voice, and that their voice is heard.

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