Feature Article: Personal Mission, Vision, and Goals

This feature newsletter was inspired by some of Shari’s recent conversations and she wanted to share these thoughts with you.

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It’s common for an organization to have a vision, a mission, and goals, but what about you?  Do you have your own personal vision, mission, and goals?

Can you picture who you will be in the future?  Do you have a clear mental image of this person you want to become?  That vision is your “picture” of who you are aspiring to be- what you hope, dream,  and strive for.  What inspires you to do more?  What excites you?

How much time have you spent planning your career goals?  Your family goals?  Your personal goals? You just might change the direction of your life by taking some time to reflect on these simple questions.

  • Time block – Set aside time to plan your future.  If you don’t take the time to map out the things you want in life, how will you know if you have truly found them?
  • Involve your right brain – Engage the creative side of your brain, the part of you that motivates your inspiration.  This will help you find the things that are genuinely important to you.
  • Share your goals – One of the scariest parts of developing goals is sharing them.  People tend to keep their goals to themselves because they are afraid they might fall short.  Our goals become real, living goals when we are able to push past that fear and share them with those around us.  Involving others means they have the opportunity to help you achieve these goals, which will only empower you further.
  • Think Beyond the Present – Where do you want to be in 5 years?  10 Years? 15 years?  If there were no obstacles in your way, what would you achieve?  What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like?  Who are the people you most admire?  Why do you admire these people?  Is there something they have done for themselves that you would like to do for yourself?
  • Write it down and keep it visible – Have something that will continuously remind you of your vision.  Write a sentence describing your vision and hang it someplace you will see every day.
  • Let the law of attraction work-Allow the positive vision of yourself in the future to work for you; Trust the universe and let the good things you envisioned come.
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