Do you have an employee selection process?

Do you struggle with finding the right employees, and end up hiring the wrong employees? Having a thorough selection process in place can help you find the right employees for the position you are looking to fill, employees who fit into your company culture, and employees who will help contribute to achieving the overall goals of the organization. We have found that there needs to be more to the process to successfully select the right employees.

We use these three things within our organization as the foundation for success.

PEOPLE: When you have the right people in the right positions within your organization, everything flows better. Not only do you want to hire the right people, but you want your existing employees to be in the right positions (for example, who is running your selection process?). The right people will own the process, make it better, and help accomplish your goal of finding the right person to hire.

PROCESS: It is important to have processes in place to provide consistency across the board, as well as structure so you get the results you are aiming for. A process also sets expectations for the selection campaign. How often do you hire? Do you constantly run an ad, or only when you need someone? How do you choose resumes to move forward with?

TOOLS: Having the right tools is also important. A tool we use to help us identify the right people for our organization is the Harrison Assessment. With this assessment we are able to better understand more than just a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and ability – we are able to go beyond that and understand their behaviors as well. This will help you understand if a person is a good fit for a position, and compatible with the team.

This foundation can also provide support when there is source of frustration. We have a rule to look at the tools first, then the process, and finally after we have exhausted all efforts, the people.


What do you think you could to differently within your own selection process?

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