Brand Yourself

What makes you different?Never Too Late_George_Dosh Management_Sarasota-Bradenton-Tampa-Lakewood Ranch_Florida_Business Leadership Development Executive Coaching

What do others remember you for?
What can others depend on you for?
What are your core values?
What are your goals?

Developing a brand for yourself can help you grow personally and professionally. When you have a strong personal brand, you give yourself a greater visibility that leads to collaboration and a healthier bottom line for you and your organization.


Focus on these areas:

Novelty: Define a specialized and discernible skill, become the expert, and be  confident.

Novelty Example: Babe Ruth

Dependability: be reliable and consistent, just like a well-branded product.

Dependability Example: Walt Disney

Personality: Define your core values, your goals, your behavioral traits, and your identity.

Personality Example: Oprah

Attitude: Do you command presence? Express your brand boldly and definitively.

Attitude Example: Tony Robbins 

Appearance: How do you want to be perceived? As professional? Approachable? High-powered? Cutting Edge?

Appearance Example: Steve Jobs

Competencies: Be competent in communication, reliability, thoroughness, and follow-through.

Competencies Example: Martin Luther King Jr.

Originality: Define what the unique value is for your target audience. What are you known for?

Originality Example: Elvis Presley

Ethics: What is your ethical will? What do you want to instill in generations to follow? Earn your reputation.

Ethics Example: Rosa Parks 

Get started by being more visible in your community, believing in possibilities, networking, and building relationships. Most importantly, be remembered positively.

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